The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program provides you with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations.
NEW for 2017-18!  APICS is pleased to announce the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program will be reconfigured to better serve the needs of the supply chain workforce. Changes to the program are based on direct feedback from our members and reflect APICS’s ability to evolve along with supply chain management.

The new configuration will:

  • Move from a 5-module exam configuration to a 2-module exam configuration
  • Bring the CPIM program more in line with the format and delivery expectations of other APICS certification products
  • Address content overlap between modules
  • Streamline the preparation process and improve efficiency of the APICS CPIM designation

CPIM Part 2 Course Description

CPIM Part 2 is the final course of the NEW CPIM Curriculum released in the Fall of 2017.  CPIM Part 2 is the equivalent of final 4 modules of the Legacy CPIM Program.  If you have completed the BSCM or the CPIM Part 1 course review and passed the exam (and are within the time limit for completing the program), you may complete the CPIM Certification process by passing the the New Part 2 Exam.  Below is an outline for this course.  Futher course details will be added as they become available.

CPIM Part 2 Topics Covered:

Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources

  • Introduction
  • Section A: Developing a Business Strategy
  • Section B: Gathering and Analyzing Internal/External Information
  • Section C: Where Will We Compete?
  • Section D: How Will We Compete?
  • Section E: Sustainability and Strategy
  • Section F: Business Planning
  • Section G: Aligning the Operations Strategy
  • Section H: Infrastructure

Module 2: Master Planning of Resources

  • Introduction
  • Section A: Demand Management
  • Section B: Sales and Operations Planning
  • Section C: Master Scheduling
  • Section D: Distribution Planning

Module 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning

  • Introduction
  • Section A: Inventory Management
  • Section B: Materials Requirements Planning
  • Section C: Managing Projects
  • Section D: Detailed Capacity Planning
  • Section E: Planning Procurement and External Sources of Supply

Module 4: Execution and Control of Operations

  • Introduction
  • Section A: Execution of Operations
  • Section B: Scheduling and Authorizations
  • Section C: Quality, Communication and Continuous Improvement
  • Section D: Design Concepts and Trade-offs


In this video our instructor Wout Verwoerd is telleing about the APICS CPIM

More about CPIM

Read more about the APICS CPIM at APICS


Ir. Wout Verwoerd is an enthusiastic and professional sparring partner for companies in the field of logistics, lean thinking and supply chain management in his roles as speaker, educator, trainer, course developer, coach, consultant and project manager.

Jan Berend JakobsCPIM, Consultant, JJ-Consultancy.
Jan Berend Jakobs wants to deliver real organizational change and growth in complex environments where employees
at all levels have to work together. This by working together with teams and lead them in such a way that it guarantees
success and to develop people that surround him in the workplace or in a classroom to a higher professional level.

Preparation to the test

When you prepare for an APICS CPIM test, there is a wide range of options that you can choose to use. The instructor sends a class code to all students, giving you access to the APICS learning environment, where you can see the answers to the assignments in the book as well as additional test questions. There is also a final test, where you can get a sense of how far you are in preparation for the exam. The instructor often also provides access to additional material and adds additional multiple choice questions. Therefore you have all the options to improve you for the test.


Kr. 30.500,-
All prices are excl. test and VAT. The price for test is EUR 500,- for members of APICS and EUR 650,- for non-members of APICS – provided you have taken the program through + kr 250, in administration fee.

If you need to take a re-examination, you must go 14 days before you can go again.


25.-27. November 2019 + 27-29. January 2020.

Test registration

See how to register the test. 

About the test:

After the test

Candidates are able to print their score report directly from their My APICS account, immediately after completing the exam. To access the score report, log in to your My APICS account, select My APICS Certifications, Exam Authorizations and Credits, and click “View/Reschedule” next to the exam. Once on the Pearson VUE page, click “Home” and then “View Score Reports.

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