CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) was launched in 1972. More than 100,000 people certified successfully. In 1996 APICS launched the CSCP program (Certified Supply Chain Professional), and more then 25,000 are certified right now. In 2016 APICS launched CLTD (Certified in Transport and Distribution). CPIM has had two major updates so far. Based on the changing demand, and the successful receipt of the CSCP program, APICS decided to bring the educational materials of the three programs in line.
The exam content for CPIM remains unchanged for the time being. The focus is now on the development of the new materials. New educational materials and a much more extended support from a learning environment.

In the current situation APICS offers 5 modules:

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM).
  • Master Planning of Resources (MPR).
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP).
  • Execution and Control of Operations (ECO).
  • Strategic Management of Resources (SMR).

In the new set up the number of modules will be limited to two:

  • Part 1.
  • Part 2.

Part 1 will replace and expand the BSCM module. Part 2 will replace the remaining 4 modules.

2. Timeline

  • September 2016: APICS started with the reconfiguration.
  • September 2017: Launch part 1 and part 2 materials.
  • September 2017: BSCM education stops.
  • January 2018: BSCM exams stop.
  • January 2018: Part1 and part 2 exams available.
  • July 2018: Remaining 4 legacy modules education stop.
  • December 2018: 4 legacy exams stop.

3. Consequences for me?

If you start right now with CPIM, you can start with BSCM. Your exams will be BSCM + Part 2.
As of September it will be Part 1 and Part 2 for new starters.
If you are already on the journey to CPIM, we advice you the following:

  • You have BSCM and MPR: Follow Part 2 (plus the 1 exam).
  • You have BSCM, MPR, and DSP: Follow ECO and SMR (plus the 2 exams).
  • You have BSCM, MPR, DSP, and ECO: Follow SMR (plus the 1 exam).

4. Transition support from

We are committed to support those of you who are in the process of finishing the legacy CPIM. If the group is large enough we set up classes, otherwise we will support individual learning as well. Please communicate your wishes to us and we will follow up on you.

5. Pricing

In the new setup prices will increase per module, due to more expensive materials and exams. However the total value for money will increase, since you will learn the same content at lower total costs.
We plan at this moment to set up Part 1 in two times two days, and part 2 in two times three days.

Dato & sted

Dato: Den 6. september starter vi den nye CPIM-uddannelse op.
Sted: København

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