An about APICS-education by Wout Verwoerd 10. Juli 2020

Thanks to Covid-19 major shifts in Supply Chains are taking place. Some organizations are expanding rapidly, others are shrinking very much. The market is quite dynamic. How can your organization make a difference? You can add value with your APICS education and increase your career possibilities.

Anita Gammelmark, Supply Chain Director, from Einar Willumsen will share her experiences. What happened during the Covid-19 crisis and how did there APICS education help her in finding a solution?

APICS is the global recognized institute for education in operations and supply chain management. The APICS terminology and concepts are being used for ERP packages like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, QAD and many others. International operating companies send their employees to an APICS course in order to create one language.

APICS research proved that people who have completed APICS courses successfully earn an average of 27% more, are more successful in their jobs and 65% of respondents says their degree provided preferential treatment in the labor market.

Also, consultants with one or more of the APICS-diplomas understand the language of the customer better and are more successful.

APICS has a lot to offer. During this Webinar you will gain insight what CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) has to offer.

Wout Verwoerd, APICS Master Instructor, will show more about the content of CPIM and the setup of the educational materials and the different possibilities to do the training.


The Webinar will take place on July 10. from 14.00-15.00

Given the interactive nature of the Webinar, the number of places is limited.