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Why seek certification?
The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is the first and only supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. APICS CSCP designees gain the skills to effectively manage global supply chain activities that involve suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers located around the world.

Earning the CSCP credential makes you a recognized expert in the supply chain field. This professional distinction sets you apart from your colleagues, proving your high level of knowledge and skills. It makes you a more valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today’s economy.
Module content
Module 1 – Supply Chain Design

Considering inputs and objectives of supply chain management strategy
Recognizing and resolving misalignments and gaps
Accounting and financial reporting information, strategic analysis tools, and economic considerations
Designing the supply chain while understanding and working within business considerations
Designing fulfillment strategies and products for different markets and requirements
Understanding electronic business considerations and key technology applications

Module 2 – Supply Chain Planning and Execution

Understanding implementation tools including project management processes and communication
Procuring and delivering goods and services using supply chain management
Using demand management, including demand forecasting and prioritization
Using master planning, master scheduling, and sales and operations planning (S&OP)
Managing, planning, and controlling inventory
Understanding the effects of inventory on financial statements and inventory-related cost categories
Managing supply based on total cost of ownership and make-versus-buy analysis
Developing supply plans based on buyer-supplier relationships
Logistics, warehouse, and transportation management, forecasting, and planning
Making considerations for monetary, regulatory, and trade conditions
Segmentation of customer-focused marketing, customers, suppliers, and other partners
Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM) and customer relationship management (CRM)
 Managing reverse logistics and waste

Module 3 – Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

Standards, regulations, and sustainable best practices compliance
International standards and considerations for import/export, intellectual property, licensing, tax and accounting, and labor laws
Corporate social responsibility for sustainability, UN Global Compact, and GRI initiatives
Accreditations, certifications, and standards for quality, environment, social, and safety objectives
Identifying, assessing, classifying and responding to risks
Compliance, security, and regulatory concerns
Improving the supply chain through measuring and analyzing performance using supply chain metrics focused on customers, financial reports, and operational practices, and customer service
Utilizing continuous improvement and change management techniques and principles, including lean and just-in-time

Who is the APICS CPIM program designed for?

Employees with direct influence on supply chain
Department and division management
Functional management
Employees in cross-functional departments

Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher
Key Industries: Manufacturing, Consulting, Consumer products, Information, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Services, Education, Transportation, Health Care, Government, Communications Retail
Titels: Consultants, Materials Manager, anything with Supply Chain in title, Analysts, Director, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Operations Manager, Buyer, Project Manager
Years in field: Distributed evenly across all ranges < 4 to 15+ years.

APICS CSCP helps employees developcompetencies to manage complex worldwide supply chain activities involving suppliers, plants, distributors and customers in a global environment

proven knowledge and organizational skills to strategically streamline operations.

APICS CSCP designees have the knowledge and skills to

positively affect lead times, inventory and bottom-line profitability
interact with existing resources and your ERP system to increase the efficiency of the workplace environment
create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology and corporate-wide communication
achieve greater confidence and industry recognition

APICS CSCP helps organizations by

creating common understanding, vocabulary, processes and frameworks within their entity to address their supply chain challenges and opportunities
boosting productivity, collaboration and innovation
enabling interdepartmental movement through collaboration and a consistent foundation.

APICS CSCP helps your employees

design successful supply chain strategies using global standards and common terminology
effectively manage supplier and customer relationships
enhance logistics, technology and data integration to improve performance
increase customer satisfaction and bottom-line results

CSCP information
Click here for more CSCP information from APICS  
Tidligere deltager udtaler
“Jeg har tidligere taget APICS CPIM forløbet, derfor var det et naturligt valg i min faglige kompetanceudvikling at gennemføre CSCP uddannelsen. Jeg mener, at jeg har fået en større viden, så jeg nu har en mere helhedsorienteret tilgang til jobbet og de daglige udfordringer. Som deltager i diverse supply chain projekter og Continuous improvement forløb, er det en kæmpe fordel, at have den teoretiske ballast som CSCP uddannelsen giver. Desuden var det meget inspirerende, at møde andre Supply Chain Specialister på kurset, og en god mulighed for at udvide netværket.”
Mads Strandløv Nørgaard, Planning Specialist, Dako Management
Wout Verwoerd is an enthusiastic and professional sparring partner for companies in the field of logistics, lean thinking and supply chain management in his roles as speaker, educator, trainer, course developer, coach, consultant and project manager.
1 -2. October + 19th-20th November + 10th-11th December.
Price:  Kr. 29.250,-

All prices are excl. test and VAT. The price for test is EUR 955,- for members of APICS and EUR 1.090, – for non-members of APICS – provided you have taken the program through effektivitet.dk + kr 250, in administration fee. If you need to take a re-examination, you must go 14 days before you can go again. The price for retake is EUR 435,- + kr. 250,- in administration fee.
Preparation to the test
When you prepare for an APICS CPIM test, there is a wide range of options that you can choose to use. The instructor sends a class code to all students, giving you access to the APICS learning environment, where you can see the answers to the assignments in the book as well as additional test questions. There is also a final test, where you can get a sense of how far you are in preparation for the exam. The instructor often also provides access to additional material and adds additional multiple choice questions. Therefore you have all the options to improve you for the test.
Test Registration
See here how to register for APICS test.

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Vær med når Den Danske Supply Chain Pris 2019 uddeles
Den Danske Supply Chain Pris uddeles af effektivitet.dk på Den Danske Supply Chain Konference. Prisen er indstiftet i 1994, og gives til en virksomhed som anerkendelse for at have implementeret innovative og resultatskabende Supply Chain Management-koncepter, som kan klassificeres som ’World Class’.

Prisen uddeles på Den Danske Supply Chain Konference den 3. november 2020.
Ansøgningsfristen til den indledende runde er den 15. maj 2020. Priskomiteen udpeger tre kandidater til finalerunden.

Hvis I ønsker ansøgningsskema kontakt da sekretariatet på 7022 0004 eller info@effektivitet.dk.
Priskomiteen er uvildig og består af førende Supply Chain Management-eksperter, som kender kravene til et unikt Supply Chain setup.


Andreas Nordang, Head of Global Supply Chain, GN Resound A/S
Johs M. Knudsen, VP Business Development, ECCO Sko A/S
Marianne Ovesen, SVP Global Operations, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Britta Gammelgaard, Professor, CBS
Torben Knudby, Head og Study, DTU
Thomas Bøhm Christiansen, Partner, Carve Consulting
Kurt Ottesen, Consultant, KSO Innovation
Knud Sant, Consultant, Valcon A/S
Kenneth Bjerregaard, Vice President & General Manager
Danfoss Distribution Services A/S
Lars H. Petersen, Adm. Direktør, HedeDanmark A/S
Nikolaj Holmer Nissen, CEO, BWSC A/S
Carsten Kusk, VP, Head of Supply Chain Engineering, MHI Vestas

Vinder af Den Danske Supply Chain Pris 2019 blev Nilfisk

Fra venstre: Thomas Bøhm Christiansen, Partner, Carve Consulting, formand for effektivitet.dk, Kristian Bendix Drejer, Erhvervsdirektør, Business Fredericia, Jesper Terndrup Madsen, Executive Vice President Global Operations, Nilfisk, Louise Tolstrup Unbehaun, Senior Vice President Global Procurement, Nilfisk, Søren Grubbe, Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain, Nilfisk, Søren Pap-Tolstrup, Senior Vice President Global Production, Nilfisk og Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen, Partner, Implement Consulting Group, effektivitet.dk.

Dommerkomitéen har blandt andet lagt vægt på:

Der er en stærk sammenhæng mellem Nilfisk’s forretningsstrategi og Supply Chain-strategi
Eksekvering af en konsekvent og tempofyldt transformation i forlængelse af +30 virksomhedsopkøb og +20 brands
Etablering af struktur, centralisering og standardisering baseret på dyb faglig indsigt
S&OP netop startet med månedsmøder med stærk beslutningskraft med CEO deltagelse

Dertil fremhæver dommerkomitéen et ærligt, ydmygt og stærkt lederteam. Ved modtagelsen af prisen udtaler Jesper Terndrup Madsen, Executive Vice President for Nilfisk Global Operations:

”Jeg er utrolig stolt af, at vi hos Nilfisk har vundet Dansk Supply Chain Pris 2018. Vi har et fantastisk team i Global Operations i Nilfisk, som arbejder benhårdt på at forbedre strukturer, processer og systemer.  Siden 2015 har vi forbedret vores operative setup markant, og teamet har eksekveret med succes, hvilket har været en væsentlig drivkraft for Nilfisks transformation. Det er i den grad teamets fortjeneste, at vi har fået denne pris.” 
Prisen har betydning
“Widex har fået pulling power og anerkendelse “Den Danske Supply Chain Pris har gjort, at vi generelt i Widex har fået mere ”pulling power” i forhold til at tiltrække nye dygtige folk til Widex. Især interessen hos unge talenter er øget signifikant. Det at kunne tiltrække unge talenter er kritisk vigtigt i en verden med eksponentiel udvikling især inden for områder som digitalisering og connectivity.”

Gustaf Høskuldsson, VP, Global Supply Chain

GN Resound
”Prisen er en ekstern uvildig vurdering, der bekræfter, at GN ReSound også er i verdensklasse, når vi taler evne til at eksekvere forsyningskæden.”

Thomas Stig Lundstrøm, Ansvarlig for Globale Supply Chain

”Prisen sætter fokus på vores samlede indsats, og det er en stor opmuntring for alle vores dygtige medarbejdere på fabrikken, på lageret, i ordrehåndteringen og i logistikken”.

Salvatore Oppido, Ansvarlig for Supply Chain Operations i Europa
Tidligere års vindere af prisen:
2018: Nilfisk
2017: BWSC
2016: Ambu A/S
2015: Widex A/S
2014: Danfoss
2013: GN Resound A/S
2012: Vola A/S
2011: Region Hovedstadens Blodbank
2010: LEGO System A/S
2009: Linak A/S
2008 Chr. Hansen A/S
2007 Danfoss RA
2006 Wavin A/S
2005 Vest-Wood A/S
2004 Netto A/S
2003 Oticon A/S
2002 LK as
2001 Grundfos A/S
2000 Arla Foods A/S
1999 Carlsberg A/S
1998 Olicom A/S
1997 Coloplast A/S
1996 Bang & Olufsen A/S


Tilslut dig 2500+ eksperter som dig
Verden udvikler sig hele tiden - her er din chance for at følge med!
“Der bliver mere og mere fokus på Supply Chain, så det er vigtigt, at vi, som Supply Chain specialter, er med til at sikre, at virksomheden træffer de rigtige beslutninger."
Mads Strandløv Nørgaard, Planning Specialist, Dako
“Vi deltagere gav vores bedste input til, hvordan Flügger kunne arbejde videre ud fra de gennemgået cases. Det var et super motiverende, givende netværksmøde."
Charlotte Guldmann, Novo Nordisk
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